Dividend Diamonds are those companies that have increased their dividends every year (consecutively) for at least 5 years. At this time (8/31/2018), there are 79 companies that have issued preferred stocks and ETD securities that have earned the Dividend Diamonds designation, including 2 that have reached 50 years. We list each company in column AK under the heading of Div Dmd. We display the number of years they have increased their dividend. Also, we display the current list of 79 companies that are in the IPI! spreadsheet in image 1 below.

Unfortunately MHLD lost the designation during this period because they cut their dividend after a very tough year.

This designation is an important metric and we feel it is important to include it in the IPI! spreadsheet. And be sure to use the filter program to include them in your search. ♦

Image 1, Dividend Diamond List – As of 8/31/2018