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  • Seeking Alpha authors often write articles on Preferred Stocks and ETD securities.
  • This week there were several articles written that provide analysis on 8 companies that has issued several preferred stocks
  • Introducing 10 articles and the “I Prefer Income” database table of key info and metrics.

This article was written by Richard Hill / I Prefer Income

We are fortunate that there are articles written each week directly about specific preferred stocks and ETD securities or on companies that own these securities. There are so many securities in the marketplace that it is difficult to track and analyze them on a timely basis. Even though the “I Prefer Income website and database programs” provide a wealth of information about preferred stocks and other asset groups, it is great to have analysts write in-depth articles about companies and stocks that we might be interested in. Not only does it keep us informed, but it also helps us to learn how others analyze companies. One good thing about investing is that we can never learn enough.

With that said, if there are enough articles written during the week, I will recognize those articles and provide a link to the article with some key information from the IPI database that will allow the reader to review the stock in question. Keep in mind that these articles are not meant as a recommendation for the author’s point of view, but simply to provide information that the reader may not be aware of. In some cases, the article is written about the parent company and not a preferred or ETD security; however, I personally feel that most readers want as much information as possible on the parent, even if the article is written about the common stock. When that happens, I select one issue in order to see the financial metrics. If you are interested, please go to the IPI database to review in case there are multiple issues.

Table 1 displays the articles written, including the parent company, the issue, the author, the title and link to the article. Table 2 includes information and a few of the key metrics taken from the I Prefer Income database.

Authors and Articles

Click on the article title to access the article. Keep in mind that Seeking Alpha only keeps these articles available for 10 days.

Parent Issue Author Title with Link
ALL ALL-I Arbitrage Trader The Allstate Corporation: A 4.75% Preferred Stock IPO
CHMI CHMI-A Colorado Wealth Mgmt Up 19% On Cherry Hill Mortgage Investment And Still Bullish
CIM CIM-C Rida Morwa A 7.5% Yield Preferred, Strong Buy, Better Investment Than Its 10% Yield Common Share: CIM
EPR EPR-G Rida Morwa EPR Properties: 6.2% Yield, Best Triple Net REITs At The Cheapest Valuation
EPR EPR-G Dividend Athlete EPR Properties: Growing Monthly Dividends From Diversified Real Estate
ET ETP-C Ray Merola Energy Transfer: Dead Capital, Leverage, Shorts, And Take Under Considerations
ET ETP-C Marel Energy Transfer – Hibernation Cannot Last Forever
TGP TGP-B Marel Teekay LNG Distribution Up 32%, 2020 Guidance Looks Better
TWO TWO-B Quad 7 Capital Checking In On Two Harbors
UMH UMH-D Dane Bowler REIT Sector Analytics: Manufactured Housing / UMH Properties

(Table 1)

Preferred Stocks & ETD Securities

The following table includes key info and metrics on each parent company and each issue discussed in the articles

Preferred Stocks

(Table 2. Source, I Prefer Income)

To read the table properly, the parent company is in the top row with grey background. Each of the preferred stock issues are located directly underneath the parent row. All metrics are on the parent as they are responsible for the preferred stock. However, the credit ratings are on the preferred stock. The securities are grouped into 5 important financial areas: Earnings, Payout Ratios, Debt Ratios, Dividend Metrics and Credit Ratings. These metrics are highlighted with different colors and provide a great first review of the issues and lays the foundation for further analysis.

Please note that there are 8 issues in the table. 7 are traditional cumulative preferred stocks and 1 is a num-cumulative preferred stock. Here is some additional information:

Yields range from 4.8 to 8.1%. Yield-to-call range from 4.3 to 9.1%

Dividend Payout ratios. All companies except for UMP have a dividend payout ratio of under 1. However, all have preferred stock payout ratios substantially under 1.

Debt to Equity ratios. CIM, EPR, ET and TGP have ratios above 1.

Credit Rating: ALL-I and EPR-G are rated as investment grade.

Tax Qualified: ALL-I and TGP-B are tax qualified.

Taxes: ETP-C issues a K-1 tax form.

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Rich Hill

I Prefer Income

Disclosure. I own preferred shares from CHMI, CIM, ET, TGP & TWO