Survey Result – Interesting Comments

We recently sent out a survey to approximately 750 members. The survey asked for ratings on the I Prefer Income programs.   We received a good response and a few provided comments and suggestions. I thought it would be interesting to see the results and to read my response to some of the comments/suggestions. There were 5 questions and ratings were from 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest/best.

Question 1: Do you feel the IPI Programs are a good research tool to help you search for and identify income stocks of interest?

Rating average results: 4.40

Question 2: Rate the financial metrics provided on each program

Rating average results: 4.32

Question 3: Rate the Filter program.

Rating average results: 3.94

Question 4: Rate the Ranking program

Rating average results: 4.12

Question 5: Rate the yellow clickable cells (charts, dividend & earnings history).

Rating average results: 4.29

Here are the comments and my response:

Comment: A nice tool for doing preliminary research for candidates.

Comment: Add maturity dates for baby bonds and exchange traded debentures
Response: We do have fields for Call Dates and Maturity dates.     Is it possible you did not scroll to the right to find the maturity dates?

Comment: An excellent service

Comment: Appreciate your Team’s efforts. Unfortunately, I haven’t had as much time to play with it as I am still recovering from Hurricane Michael damage.
Respond: Thanks for taking the time to review the program. Hope you are ok.

Comment: Fantastic Resource!

Comment: Good source of information for some opaque parts of the market. Add Closed End Funds and you will have it all under one roof.
Response: We would consider adding Closed End Funds if we could find important and reliable metrics. Any ideas??

Comment: Great information, thanks

Comment:   Great program overall. Financial data from last quarter or last year? Hard to tell. Have not used ranking program. Just found your site but I have been doing the very same thing since 2012. I am a high yield income investor – preferreds and ETDs mostly.
Response: Data is from the last reported quarter. There is a date shown after 5 Yr and 5 Qtr Earnings. Currently it is 6/19. We will post next quarter once 95% of companies have reported. Make sure to view the lesson videos on ranking or basics to learn more about the program and ranking.

Comment: GREAT research tool. Could be great portfolio tracking tool if/when we can combine all investment types in one portfolio
Response: We will combine My Portfolio from all programs into one page in future.

Comment: I struggle to find appropriate investments, even using the volume of stats and filters. Some of this is my lack of familiarity so some guidance would help me with some starting point, templates, etc).
Response: I am working on program to help new investors invest in income stocks. It is important to know what type of investor you are and what are the important metrics to use to determine company health and ability to pay reliable dividend. Example, are you a DGI (dividend growth investor) or immediate income (higher yield/income) investor?     There is a big difference and investors should use different metrics to obtain the desired results.

Comment: I wish I could easily print off some of the chart info that I want for reviewing.
Response: We will be working on developing a one-page summary of a selected stock that can be printed out.     Hope to include some graphs, metrics and historical data.

Comment: I would like the column arrangement to remain after I move them. Including the portfolio program.
Response: I agree. This is on our list of projects. Unfortunately, it is very complex and would take a lot of time. But I think we are close to being able to consider working it.

Comment: I would like to see where each stock is domiciled
Response: I think that most are U.S. companies; however, some of the MLP are Canadian, including ENB and TRP. Some of the shipping companies are from diverse countries.

Comment: I would like your site to make specific recommendations for income and safety. I am 77 years old and am interested in income and safety of principal.
Response: I understand the desire for recommendations. We are working on several projects that will help. 1. Program to allow members to identify their favorite stocks.     2. IPI will provide stocks that meet certain requirements, such as safety, income, value,     although stop short of actual recommendation. 3. Program to provide SA articles with stock recommendations. Will display in each program.

Comment: If there was a way to include some safety of dividend metrics like dividend coverage of stocks and preferred it would be great
Response: We provide Payout ratios, including “common dividend payout”, “preferred dividend payout” and “operating payout ratio”. These are the inverse of coverage ratios. In all cases, any number below 1 means that that company is covering the dividend. Also provide the Payout Graph, which shows all metrics compared to the dividend. Always want to see the dividend below the other metrics.

Comment: I’m just starting to review your site. Everything looks interesting; thank you.

Comment: Immensely helpful to me re income investing! Thank you very much! It is great….and getting even better!!

Comment: It would be nice to have a column for Basis or cost of shares. It would be helpful to be able to sort on Column Headers.
Response: Not sure about adding basis or cost unless we are prepared to make it do more than just basic info.   Agree on sorting. We will be working on sorting on titles and also in filter program. Will probably do similar to ranking sort. This would allow member to sort stocks within each industry and by stock.

Comment: Knowing what you own is very helpful in my decision making.

Comment: Love the tool. Would be helpful to have: P/FFO or P/AFFO for REITs; Rate-reset & convertible, including Canadian, and non-$25 par value for preferreds; ROIC, EV/EBITDA & WACC for all
Response: You mentioned have P/FFO or P/AFFO. We do provide P/NG-E, which is Price to Non-GAAP Earnings. FFO and AFFO are NG-E so please use that field. We currently have Float, FTF (Fixed to Float) and a few FRR (Fixed Reset Rates). Look under Float field. At current time, we do not do convertibles.     Maybe in future. We focus on $25 preferred stocks now, but will consider expanding in future. We are open to adding more metrics. Have a couple in mind now.

Comment: Appreciate the program. Where does data come from?
Response: Most of the data is from 2 outside data sources; however, it is not easy to get Non-GAAP data so we manually obtain from company financial statements and SEC documents. Very time consuming, but worth the effort.

Comment: Making progress. Saving filters is big. Need to add editing filters so can just add further filters.     Concerned about you having my portfolio shares so some reassurance would be good. Might add saving view profiles (ie, hiding some columns or ones I don’t want to see – reverse portfolio).
Response: Saving filters is important and you can edit or add to the criteria saved. Understand concern about portfolio. We feel our site is secure, but reality is that the best hackers can do amazing things so cannot guaranty.

Comment: My only feedback for improvement would be to expand the filter capabilities. For example, K-1 or 1099, % Off 52 Week High, Call Date > xx/xx/xxxx. I really appreciate IPI. Thank you so much for creating and hosting it.
Response: We already provide K-1 for some programs. Will add to those without. Will be working on new Area of Analysis. Currently focused on Dividends, Earnings, Payout, Debt and Credit Rating.     Will add Value, which will use metrics from 52 week high and low, P/E and P/NG-E and comparison of 10-year yield metrics to current yield.   Looking for finding “above average stocks at below average prices”.     Forgot who coined that phrase, but that helps to identify Value Stocks.

Comment: Spend time refining search program.
Response: Yes, we know the filter is very important and looking for all ideas on ways to improve without getting too complex.

Comment: The ability to sort the columns would be helpful
Response: Yes, very important and hope to have something within near future.

Comment: There should be a separate segment that allows info on upcoming new preferreds i.e. they may be on “grey market” for few weeks.
Response: Great idea. We have added this idea to our short list of projects.

Comment: This is a great service and is much appreciated.

Comment: Would be useful to filter on preferreds for a specific ticker
Response: All preferred stocks are sorted alphabetically by parent, however, sometimes the preferred are not completely different.     You can find by doing a search. Click on Control and F. Then can enter stock and browser will locate it. Maybe we can do something similar.

I Prefer Income has come a long way since we started just a few months ago. This has been an idea I have had for years, but felt the time was right after uncovering 2 great programmers from India to help me.     They are Rajan Verma and Himansh Tiwari. Rajan is spreadsheet and web expert and Himansh is superb database programmer and does all database programming.

This survey has provided a lot of helpful information and some are important enough to add to our project list. You should see results in near future. I think that one of the key things that came from the survey is that there is much to do, including helping new investors and those who would like to improve investment skills.

Thanks so much for your participation and remember that I encourage your comments, ideas and suggestions.


Rich Hill

I Prefer Income!