I Prefer Income – New Feature

Over the last month, I have written several BLOGs that included articles written by Seeking Alpha authors on stocks in our IPI Programs. As an example, I sent out a BLOG friday that had about 8 articles on preferred stocks. In one table I listed the stock, author, title with a link to the article. In a second table, I listed the stocks with all information and financial metrics contained in the IPI database. These articles were well received, so we decided to create a new program that displayed these articles within the database.

Here is an example of what you will see in the new “Articles” program in the MLP / Midstream program. Every program has their own articles. Each article listed in table 1 also has a corresponding stock in table 2 for easy review.

These articles and stocks will be added every day so they will be fairly current. If I find other sources of articles, I will add those. Maybe members have other good sources of articles. If so, let me know.

Check it out. Go into each program and click on the Articles link found at upper center location. A new page will open and you can review the articles. If you find anything of interest, click on the title to read the article. Then you can immediately review all info and metrics in our database.

Thanks for reading. I hope you take this opportunity to login and check out the 4 income programs we have, including Preferred & ETD Securities, REITs, Dividend Diamonds 25+, and MLP / Midstream stocks. If you are not a member, please consider joining. There are many benefits and membership is FREE. Here are 4 links that are available.

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