I Prefer Income New Features

Today I am happy to announce 2 new features added to the Preferred stock and ETD securities program.

Issues that have been redeemed (called)

The first new feature involves issues that have been called or redeemed by the parent company. Preferred stocks and ETD securities are normally redeemable 5 years after the IPO date. Once the company decides to redeem the issue, the parent will buy back the shares for the call price plus any accrued interest. “I Prefer Income” is now listing issues that are being redeemed along with the call date in the Notes Field. To identify these issues, simply click on the Green Redeem Button in the upper right side of the table. This will display all issues set to be redeemed on one page.

New issues that have been issued temporary symbols

The second new feature has to do with new issues that are issued temporary symbols. These temporary symbols can only be traded in the “grey market”, which is an over-the-counter market that provides support until the permanent symbol is officially issued. Many investors will trade in this market because of the potential for better prices before the issue goes into the regular marketplace. It can take up to a month before the temp symbol is changed over to the permanent symbol. Any investors who have purchased an issue using the temp symbol in the grey market will see their broker automatically changing the temp symbol to the permanent symbol.

“I Prefer Income” will identify these temp issues when we add them to the database by writing TEMP and the permanent symbol in the Notes Field. We have also added a green TEMP button at the top right corner of the table. Once you click on the button, all TEMP issues will be displayed in one page.

Here is an image of the new TEMP and REDEEM buttons. Take a look in the top right corner. Check it out.

I hope you find these 2 new features to be of value to you. Remember that I Prefer Income has 4 income programs, including the Preferred Stock & ETD program, the Equity REIT program, the MLP / Midstream program and the Dividend Diamond 25+ program. All provide excellent information on these 4 income programs. All programs are FREE. I have includes a video of the new features and also a link to the I Prefer Income Website.

Video of TEMP and REDEEM features: Click Here

I Prefer Income Website. Click Here

Thanks, and I will be talking to you later.

Rich Hill

I Prefer Income!