New Features and a special announcement

I am happy to announce that “I Prefer Income” has added 2 new features as follows:

#1 Articles

We recently added an Articles page that lists articles written about stocks in the database along with the stock profile. To find the list, click on the Articles link at the top centre part of the page. See Image:

I Prefer Income

Once you click on Articles, it will show the next page that includes the parent company, author, title with link to the article. It also shows the profile of each stock.

I Prefer Income

We have upgraded a bit by adding a blinking “1A” in the notes field of each stock. The first article will show as “1A”. The 2nd article will show as “2A” and so on. Here is how that is displayed in the table. I have circled articles from 2 stocks. Once you click on the 1A, you will be taken to the articles page where the user can select which article to read.

I Prefer Income

#2 Total Return

The 2nd feature that was added is the “Total Return” Metric. Total return is a very important metric as it shows the combined returns for both distributions and stock price gains or losses for a specific period of time. We display the 12 month total return; however, It is a yellow clickable cell so once the user clicks on the value, a popup will show a table with 6 different time periods: 10 years, 5 years, 3 years, 12 months, 6 months and 3 months. Here are 2 images to show how it will be displayed. The first shows where the Total Return column is and the 12-month total return for the indicated stocks.

I Prefer Income

The second image shows the sub-table once the yellow cell is clicked:

I Prefer Income

These above 2 features provide additional depth to the features now in the I Prefer Income programs.

I have an additional announcement that I feel is especially important to “I Prefer Income” and our theme of “Rely on yourself investing”.

Welcome Kody Kester

Kody Kester is a young man that has been writing articles on Seeking Alpha since the beginning of 2019. Kody’s focus is on income stocks and dividend growth stocks. Since he started writing on Seeking Alpha, he has written 79 articles and 41 blogs. His most recent articles are on NNN, WPC and MMP. Kody welcomes all interested parties to visit his SA profile at: . From there you can read any articles that are still open. The Blogs are always open. The last 3 articles are also listed in our Articles program as all 3 are on stocks in the REIT and MLP programs.

Kody will analyze stocks and write articles; and as IPI progresses, he will increasingly utilize the IPI metrics and tools to provide the information he needs to analyze stocks of interest. He will also write articles on various ideas on how to invest for income. This will be especially helpful to those who are novice investors or to those of us who need new ideas on steps that can be used to invest. The tools and information now available to all investors is so much better than it was even a few years ago. It is important to take advantage of all ideas.

Kody is in the process of writing another article on American States Water (AWR). This company is included in the Dividend Diamonds 25+ program because it has increased its dividend every year for 65 years. That is the best record of all companies. I can’t wait to read it.

I feel that Kody has a special talent for stock analysis and writing that will help all investors. I am looking forward to working with Kody and having him be an important member of the IPI Team.

Thanks for reading.

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