What I Prefer Income Does, Part 1


  1. IPI Provides 4 organized lists of income stocks
  2. IPI is focused on higher yielding Immediate Income stocks & Dividend Growth Stocks
  3. IPI Helps Investors to become income independent

The “I Prefer Income” website and database programs provide focused information on income producing securities for Immediate Income and Dividend Growth Investors.  Our motto is to “Rely on yourself investing” and our goal is to provide database programs of income producing securities that allow investors to quickly search for, identify and analyze stocks that meet their requirements for safety and ability to pay a reliable and sustainable dividend.   The end result is to help investors reach their goals for becoming income independent.

IPI Provides 4 organized list of income stocks

It all starts with having 4 database programs with both immediate income and dividend growth stocks. Here are the 4 programs and stocks IPI provides:

  1. Preferred stocks & EDT securities. This program provides 661 issues that are considered as high yield immediate income securities.
  2. Equity REIT stocks. There are 154 stocks in 16 industries that are considered as both immediate income and dividend growth stocks.
  3. MLP / Midstream. There are 69 stocks in this group of stocks. Most are considered as high yield immediate income, but some investors may recognize a few as being dividend growth stocks because of their history of increasing dividends.
  4. Dividend Diamonds 25+. There are currently 133 companies that have increased their dividend every year for 25+ years. All are considered as dividend growth companies. These are among the safest and most reliable dividend paying companies in the world.

IPI is Focused on 2 types of income stocks: 1) higher yielding immediate income stocks & 2) dividend growth stocks.

IPI provides focused information on 2 types of income stocks: Higher yielding Immediate Income stocks and lower yielding dividend growth stocks. Simply put, the 4 programs include the stocks that meet the requirements investors are looking for in “higher yielding immediate income” and “dividend growth stocks”.

In the near future, IPI will be adding Mortgage REITs, Commercial REITS and Business Development Companies as they include stocks that provide some of the highest yielding immediate income stocks available in the marketplace. IPI will also continue to expand on the Dividend Diamonds by adding companies that have increased dividends every year for 10 through 24 years. And later, we will add 5 through 9 years. This will increase the number of Dividend Diamonds to over 800 stocks!

IPI helps investors to become income independent

The I Prefer Income motto is “Rely on yourself investing”. You have a choice to rely on others to write articles about 1 or 2 stocks of interest or you can learn to rely on yourself for investment decisions. “I Prefer Income” helps by providing the large number of stocks that are considered higher yielding immediate income stocks that many investors need to provide for the necessities of life. In addition, IPI also provides dividend growth stocks that many investors look for when building portfolios for future income.

Having access to a large number of income-producing stocks with valuable metrics is only half of the story. The 2nd half is having the tools to search for, identify and analyze those stocks in order to select the stocks that meet investor requirements for safety and ability to pay a reliable and sustainable dividend. Next week I will present part 2 of this video series.

Besides this article, I have also posted a youtube video that provides more detail on these subjects. I hope you watch. It is only 12 minutes long, but It provides more detail on the products and services that I Prefer Income Provides to its members. I hope you enjoyed the article and video and found them to be of value. Remember that the I Prefer Income programs are free and available to anyone that is interested in “relying on yourself investing”. Please visit our website at www.ipreferincome.com

To view the video: Click Here

**Please remember that all investments have risk and there is no guaranty that they will provide the results you want. However, by doing quality research your chances for success are greatly improved.

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