What I Prefer Income Does, Part 2


  1. IPI Provides several powerful tools to help income investors.
  2. Filter helps to narrow the list of stocks to reflect user requirements.
  3. Compare & Rank will rank stocks from best to worst.
  4. Video provides more detail on the tools.

The “I Prefer Income” website and database programs provide focused information on income producing securities for Immediate Income and Dividend Growth Investors.  Our motto is to “Rely on yourself investing” and our goal is to provide database programs of income producing securities that allow investors to quickly search for, identify and analyze stocks that meet their requirements for safety and ability to pay a reliable and sustainable dividend.   The result is to help investors reach their goals for becoming “income independent”.

IPI Provides several investment tools

The “I Prefer Income” database contains 4 programs with over 1000 income generating securities. These are grouped into 4 portfolios based on asset classes and/or special lists of stocks. Along with the securities, IPI provides valuable demographics and financial metrics to help users research and analyze each stock to find the ones that meet their investment requirements.

That sounds great, but even for seasoned investors, it would take a tremendous amount of time to sort through, research and analyze this many stocks. For a novice investor, it would be almost impossible. The good news is that “I Prefer Income” has the tools to help each investor quickly weed through each program to uncover the stocks that meet each investor’s requirements for safety, yield, and ability to pay a reliable and sustainable dividend.

Part 2 of the video series: What “I Prefer Income” Does demonstrates the tools and how they are used. The list of tools includes:

  1. All Yellow cells and icons are clickable. Meaning that once you click on these cells a window will open to provide charts, tables and additional historical information.
  2. IPI provides recent articles written about stocks in each program.
  3. Filter Program. One of the most powerful tools to help narrow the stocks to meet investor requirements.
  4. Rank Program. This tool is a game changer. Allows user to compare and rank selected stocks from best to worst. Member selects the criteria and weight.
  5. My Portfolio. Member can add stocks of interest or stocks owned to keep track of value and future income.

IPI helps investors to become income independent

The “I Prefer Income” motto is “Rely on yourself investing”. Investors have a choice to rely on others or learn to “rely on yourself” for investment decisions. “I Prefer Income” helps by providing the large number of stocks, metrics and tools that “immediate income” and “dividend growth” stock investors need to search for, identify, analyze and rank stocks for safety, yield and ability to pay a reliable and sustainable income.

Besides this article, I have posted a video that provides more detail on the tools listed in this article. I hope you watch. It is only a few minutes long, but It provides more detail on the products and services that I Prefer Income provides to its members. I hope you enjoyed the article and video and found them to be of value. Remember that the “I Prefer Income” programs are free and available to anyone that is interested in “relying on yourself investing”.

Here is the video :

**Please remember that all investments have risk and there is no guaranty that they will provide the results you want. However, by doing quality research your chances for success are greatly improved.

Thanks for reading,

Rich Hill

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