I Prefer Income has added 2 new features to the program


  1. I Prefer Income program continues to improve
  2. Admin Portfolios have been added.
  3. Valuation metrics have been added to filter program.

The I Prefer Income program continues to add new features in order to assist members search for, identify, analyze and rank income stocks for safety, yield and ability to pay a reliable and sustainable distribution. We focus on ”immediate income investors” and “dividend growth investors”. Both have different requirements, but both are looking for income. The main difference is that Immediate Income investors are looking for investments to help them meet the income needs now versus dividend growth investors who are looking more to the future.

This article will focus on the 2 new features that have been added to help both type of income investors.

Admin Portfolios

This new feature allows Admin to identify specific stocks of interest and place them into portfolios for review by the members in each program. Here are a few examples of Admin Portfolios that we may provide. All of the IPI programs contain different income generating stocks; and thus, the admin portfolios will cater to those differences.

  1. Investment Grade Preferred stocks
  2. High yield & dividend growth stocks
  3. High yield & higher risk stocks for aggressive investors
  4. Under-valued stocks
  5. Recommended stocks
  6. Special situation or timely stocks

Here is an example of where the Admin Portfolios are placed in the programs:

Admin Portfolio
(Image 1. Source: “I Prefer Income”)

Please note that in the top right corner of the image it shows Admin Portfolio. Use your mouse to hover and the program will display available portfolios under it. Click on the portfolio you are interested. You will then see the following:

Admin Portfolio
(Image 2. Source: “I Prefer Income”)

Image 2 shows the specific admin portfolio that was selected. The name of the portfolio is shown at the top and the description of portfolio along with the filter criteria used to obtain these stocks are also shown. In the example, it shows that 6 stocks were selected along with all demographic and financial metrics. Members can also use the rank program to select criteria and weights that meet your own investment requirements. The program will then rank each stock.

I Prefer Income encourages members to notify us with specific portfolio ideas.

Valuation metrics added to filter criteria

The second new feature is the addition of valuation metrics to the filter criteria. Two valuation metrics are provided to every program except for Preferred stocks / ETD. The first metric is yield. The 2nd is different for each program. In all cases, we compare the current metric to the historic average metric. Using yield as an example, we compare the current yield of a stock to its historic 10-year median yield. So, if the current yield is 4 and the historic 10-year median yield is 3, then based on this, the stock is undervalued. Many investors feel that over time, all important metrics return to the mean. If that is true, then if this stock returns to the 10 year median yield, the price will have to increase, which will decrease the yield from 4 to 3%.

Here is an example of the filter program

Valulation Filter
(Image 3, Source: “I Prefer Income”)

Toward the bottom, you will note the new valuation criteria. The first box shows “yield”. If you click on the down arrow, you will see the 2nd metric. The next box allows the member to select either < or >, meaning “less than” or “greater than”. The 3rd box is where the member enters an amount along with a – or + before the number. As an example, if you want to find all stocks that are undervalued by at least 30%, you would enter: Yield < -30. If you want to search for stocks that are at least 10% overvalued, you would enter: Yield > +10.


This concludes this article on the 2 new features: Admin Portfolios and Filter Criteria for valuations. Both features improve the program and will help members search for, identify and analyze stocks that meet their individual requirements. I hope you find this article to be of value. Remember that the “I Prefer Income” programs are FREE and available to anyone that is interested in “relying on yourself investing”.   I have provided a short video that goes over each of the 2 new features. It is well worth viewing.

Thanks. I will talk to you later,

Rich Hill
I Prefer Income!