February 19, 2020

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We just completed a new User Guide slide show to help members learn about the program and the features available to them.  These features include 5 income programs, loads of important demographic and financial metrics, 7 yellow clickable cells, articles, admin portfolios,My Portfolios, Filter and Ranking programs.  Of course, there is much more and when grouped together into one program, they add up to a powerhouse income program designed to help income investors search for, identify, analyse and rank income stocks. 

And the good news is – there is more to come. . . (Can’t wait)

Ok, but for now, check out the new User Guide slide show.  Click on slide 1 (below)

I hope you checked out the new User Guide.  If you have any new ideas or suggestions, let me know.

Thanks for reading the IPI blog.  Remember that the “I Prefer Income”
programs are FREE and available to anyone that is interested in income and “relying on yourself investing”.  

Rich Hill
I Prefer Income



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