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March 2, 2020

Ouch. The market dropped like a rock this week and probably caused a great deal of anguish for many investors. Most income investors buy for the long term and are not as concerned with short term price movements, but when prices drop as fast and far as they did this week, it is hard not to be concerned.

The good news is that price drop uncovered many great stocks that were overvalued and out of reach just a week ago. I don’t just mean a few limited stocks, but most stocks from all asset classes.

I Prefer Income now has 5 programs, and after spending some time going through each program, it became clear that there are some very good opportunities in each program. Here are a few examples:

  1. Preferred stocks / ETD securities: I found 56 Investment grade issues with yields above 5.5% and prices below $25.65
  2. Preferred stocks / ETD securities: I found 33 issues from Dividend Diamond Companies (Cos that have increased their dividend every year for 5 and more years) with yields above 6% and prices below $25.65.
  3. Equity REITs: I found 17 stocks with yields between 5.25% and 13% with great metrics and undervalued by more than 15%. That does not include mall stocks.
  4. MLP / Midstream stocks: I uncovered 16 stocks with yields above 7% that have good metrics and are undervalued by more than 15%. This includes stocks like EPD, MMP, MPLX, CNXM, KNOP and others.
  5. High Yield Stocks (Residential & Commercial REITs and Business Development Co): There are now 25 stocks with yields above 7% that are more than 10% undervalued.
  6. Dividend Diamond 25+ (companies that have increased dividend every year for at least 25 years). There are now 9 stocks with yields above 3% with great metrics. Includes MO with a yield of 8.3% and ABBV with a yield of 5.47%.

If you are still interested in investing in solid income stocks to provide safe and reliable income, now is the time to do the research to prepare yourself to take advantage of the low prices and higher yields. I just posted 5 new Admin Portfolios with some very interesting opportunities. Hope you check them out.


Rich Hill
I Prefer Income

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