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March 2, 2020

If you are an investor, you have probably lost money over the last couple of weeks based on stock prices.  However, if you are an income investor and did not panic, there is a good chance you have not lost income.  In my own portfolio, my stocks have taken a substantial hit, but I have not lost a nickel of income.  The majority of my portfolio is in preferred stocks & ETD securities; however, I do own a few midstream, BDC, mREITs, cREITs and dividend diamonds.

This is a unique period of time, but I feel that income investors are in pretty good shape if they own reasonably strong companies with good history in some key metrics.  Most analysts tell us to remain calm and don’t sell.  The market has already dropped 20%; so, in theory, the majority of the damage may be over.

History tells us that things will get better within a relatively short period of time and stock prices will go back up.  If we focus on our dividends and income and not on the price of the stocks, then we will get through this in pretty good shape.  Actually, we could improve our position if we are able to take this opportunity to use any dry powder and new income to invest as opportunities are presented.

Rather than look backward, it is time to look forward and to get prepared by using the IPI programs to search for, identify, analyze and rank stocks that are now available.  There are currently some great stocks at great prices and yields that we may want to keep our eye on.  With that in mind, I have added at least 1 new Admin Portfolio in each of the 5 programs.  These portfolios contain stocks with certain key criteria.  I hope you take the time to login and check out each of the Admin Portfolios.

Here are examples of 3 portfolios.  These are just a snapshot of a few of the stocks and only a few of the metrics that are available.  I hope you take the time to open each of the portfolios to view the stocks inside.

Preferred Stock / ETD:  Investment Grade Stocks

  I Prefer Income
Equity REITS:  Safer REITs with Dividends & Earnings Growth

I Prefer Income

Dividend Diamonds:  Earnings & Dividend Growth

I Prefer Income

Ok, you get the idea.  Each of the 5 programs have at least 1 Admin Portfolio.  The High Yield Portfolio has 3 Admin Portfolios.  One each for BDC, mREIT and CREITs.


We all agree that it is a very difficult time, but if we are income investors with a long-term horizon, then we should be in good shape.  Lets take this time to prepare for the future by doing our research to search for, identify, analyze and rank stocks to meet our investment requirements.  I Prefer Income provides 5 different asset classes of income generating securities.  These include Preferred & ETD securities, MLP / Midstream stocks, Equity REITs, High Yield stocks (mREITS, cREITs, BDC) and Dividend Diamonds 25 (stocks that have increased their dividends every year for 25+ years.

Each of the 5 programs provide Admin Portfolios that currently include stocks that are based on today’s prices and may include a few good opportunities that you will want to do more research on and consider adding to your own portfolio.

I hope you find this article to be of value.  Remember that the “I Prefer Income” programs are FREE and available to anyone that is interested in “relying on yourself investing”.


Rich Hill
I Prefer Income

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