Pain with Opportunities.

March 18, 2020

Yes, the market has crashed and with it comes a certain amount of pain; however, this article and video are about the opportunities that have been uncovered and how to use the “I Prefer Income” program to search for, identify and analyze stocks once you are ready to invest in the securities that meet your investment requirements

There are currently opportunities in all asset classes and all industries. Does that mean it is time to invest? I don’t know the answer, but whether or not you are ready to invest or want to wait until the dust clears, there is never a better time to use the I Prefer Income program to prepare.

At this time, I personally feel drawn to preferred stocks and ETD securities. The reason? Preferred stocks are safer than the common stock of their parent. And ETDs are safer than preferred stocks because “they are bonds”. This was brought home to me a couple days ago when PEB cut their dividend 97% to .01 in order to preserve cash during the period when they expect to see drastic cuts in revenue and income. PEB investors will thus not be receiving the dividend; however, those who invested in their preferred stocks are still in position to receive the income promised.

This exact scenario could potentially happen to many other companies in the near future; and thus, it seems logical to move to securities that are safer and less likely to cut their dividend. Cumulative preferred stocks could cut or delay their dividend under extreme circumstances, but only if the common dividend is cut to 0. And then, they must pay back any missed payments if they are to continue in business. ETD or baby bonds are a debt, so they are even safer than preferreds.

I have created a video that demonstrates the opportunities that are now available in both preferred stocks and ETD securities. Prices are low and yields high so I focus on quality. And there are more than a few good opportunities with quality issues. I hope you take a few minutes to review the video. Here are a few links.

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