I Prefer Income Improvements

April 4, 2020

The crash has made us realize we need to do more to address the needs of the investor. Here are 3 things we have completed or are working on:

  1. Importing data frequency
  2. Ranking criteria changes
  3. Adding insider trades


We have made changes to allow increased frequency of imported data throughout the day. Our goal is to update prices and yields every 10 to 15 minutes, with a full update at the end of the day as required. The time is shown to the right of date (See image below).

REITs Stocks


The ranking program is a very powerful program that can help investors compare and rank selected stocks in 4 of the 5 programs. The program allows members to select the criteria and weighting used to rank the selected stocks.

The criteria and weights are easy to change, but the weight percentage was not shown unless the member clicked on the Rank/Criteria button to see what had been selected. We made a change so that the weight percentages are now shown under each of the criteria. See below.

REITs Stocks


We are working on displaying insider trades for Preferred stock and ETD securities. Here is an example of what members will see.

REITs Stocks

I believe each of these are worthwhile additions to the “I Prefer Income” program and will improve the results for each user. I should add that we have not forgotten about the cell phone user. I hope to have news on this improvement in another week or so.

I welcome your views on these changes and on any other ideas you may have to improve the program.

I hope you find the programs to be of value and would appreciate you inviting others to use it. Remember that the program is free and available to all.


Rich Hill
I Prefer Income

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