Insider Trades Added

April 12, 2020

Insider trades were added on Thursday. We are starting with the Preferred / ETD program. If it goes ok, it will be expanded to other programs. Added data going back about 10 days so you can get a little history.

Couple of interesting trades. Insiders bought a bunch of HT and HT Preferreds. They recently stopped dividends for commons and suspended the preferred stocks so it does provide some confidence about their future. Also note that RILY and FTAI are buying a lot of their common. Best to check out the insider trades that have been made.

Insider Trades

There have been quite a few companies that have stopped the common dividend and suspended the preferred dividends. Many are hotel and mortgage REITs. “TWO” had previously suspended dividends on all preferred stocks; however, on 4/6, they sent out press release advising payment of both common and preferred stock Q1 dividends. Here is the press release:

Agency Mortgage REITs

Mortgage REITs have been hit hard during the market crash; however, Agency mREITs appear to be in better shape because the loans are backed by the fed. IPI has indicated the companies that are agency mortgage REITs with an Agency designation in the notes column (see below).

To get the full list, go into the Pref / ETD program and then the filter and select Industry – mREIT. This will display all so you will have to review the notes column to see which are agency. It is a challenge to keep up with this industry so if members are aware of any changes, let me know. It also doesn’t mean that all agency REITs are in good shape of others are not in good shape. Just a good starting point. Note that there are a lot of articles available on these stocks.

Insider Trades


This week has seen the market explode higher. That is great news and even though there have been much upward gains, there are still bargains in most income stocks. Out of 658 issues in the pref/ETD program, there are now 484 issues below call price of $25, and 358 that are priced below call price with yields above 6%.

However, even with good news, there are many analysts who say that more downside is ahead of us as lots of bad news still to come. So even though there are still bargains for income investors, be careful.


We have started work on the mobile version of I Prefer Income. To see our progress, just use your cell phone and log in like you would with your computer. The login address is:

The program is designed to determine your device. If it is a cell, it will automatically log you into the cell version. That means the tables will now only display from 5 to 7 columns. Basically, they will now show stock symbol, name, industry, price and yield. If you are in the pref/ETD program, it will also display the parent and child stock symbols and the type of issue (pref, ETD, etc).

Insider Trades

There is much to do on this; but for cell phone users, the new version provides basic info and should be welcome to many.

I hope you find the programs to be of value and would appreciate you inviting others to use the “I Prefer Income” program. Remember that the program is free and available to all.


Rich Hill
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